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Precision Machinery not only produces premium quality saw guides. We also make the best Babbitt molds on the market.

Precision Machinery makes the best Babbitt molds on the market. Many molds, even OEM, are poorly designed, providing an insufficient lubrication pocket and poor fit. Worn mold plates cause leakage, sticking and inconsistent results.

Change your molds to produce superior, more desirable results.

All our Babbitt molds are machined and surface ground from the highest quality steel plate. Ejector pins and support shafts are made in house from 4140 turned, ground and polished shafts. Springs, set collars and cylinders are top quality imports from the USA or Japan. We tie everything together with 316 stainless steel pipe and connectors.


Updating your babbitt pad design to the latest standard provides superior cooling over conventional systems.

Laboratory test results:

  • 65% decrease in saw temperatures
  • 90% improvement in cooling time


Customers have gone from changing saws every 6 hours to over 24 hours. That’s 4X the saw run time!


Reduced saw use = Lower cost/board foot
Increased run time = Increased production


Choosing Precision means choosing a company with unfaltering integrity. We only provide premium grade products and we stand behind them.

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