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Key Product Categories

Guide Dresser

With the fastest cycle time in the industry, the Precision CNC Guide Dresser will accurately surface a guide in as little as 14 seconds. The unique design and set up of this machine provides unsurpassed accuracy. Maintaining tight tolerances will be simplified. The Precision CNC Guide Dresser eliminates risks associated with older machines. Read More

Saw Guides

Saw guides are the most dimensionally critical components in your mill. The need for accurate, consistent guides is paramount to any sawmills success. Precision Guide understands your mills requirements and we guarantee a heel (guide arm) tolerance of +/- 0.00025". Read More

Babbitt Molds

Precision Machinery makes the best Babbitt molds on the market. Many molds, even OEM, are poorly designed, providing an insufficient lubrication pocket and poor fit. Worn mold plates cause leakage, sticking and inconsistent results. Change your molds to produce superior, more desirable results. Read More

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