2116526 origKey Knife has several different options you can choose from to improve the performance of your drum chipper and lower operating costs.

We have custom solutions designed specifically for increasing chip quality and production, as well as low cost upgrades that are designed exclusively for lowering operating costs.

All solutions are installed without any modifications to your chipper, and carry an unconditional guarantee.


Drum Chipper Retrofit SystemDrum Chipper Retrofit System

Key Knife’s newest retrofit chipping systems for drum chippers utilize the latest in indexable knife technology. Our solution(s) bolt directly into your drum chipper and make an immediate impact by improving chip quality, uptime, maintenance, and safety.

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Taper TipTaper Tip

Key Knife developed the Unconventional knife...a solution that looks similar to a conventional knife, but utilizes a regrindable and replaceable tip. The value proposition is simple… you only pay for what you use.

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