babitt pot 600x421

For melting Babbitt, Solder, Lead, Tin, Zinc, Pewter and other metals with a melting point below 1000°c.


It consists of a cast iron melting pot and base. Wrapped around the outside surface of the melting pot is three coiled tubular elements held in place with 316 stainless steel clamp style brackets. A layer of mineral and fibreglass thermal insulation assists in reducing heat loss. A 316 stainless steel outer sheath envelopes the whole assembly. The cast iron base attaches to threaded rods on the melting pot and sandwiches the assembly together. The unit is rated 415-440VAC 50/60Hz 5700-6450W 8-9A

Thermal Control unit

Fully adjustable electronic controller that is easy to read and adjust with integrated heating up and over heat warning lamps. The electronic controller ensures the molten Babbitt material stays at the desired constant temperature to ensure efficient and uniform results.

thermal control

Compact Design

Our Babbitt Pot is designed to ensure minimal space is required. The unit is fully contained with the pyrometer and banded heating elements contained within the walls of the Babbitt Pot, allowing a clear open pot for ladle access.

Babbitt material and Ladles

We supply Lead free Babbitt and Babbitt ladles at very competitive prices and from stock.


415 volt 50 Hz 3 phase Power

Our Babbitt Pots are delivered pre-tested, element placement optimised and tested at manufacture. It comes set up with 3 phase 415 volt plug, ready to plug in and start up, eliminating the need for rewiring onsite upon arrival. A full spare-part list accompanies our Babbitt Pot to your site with a full range of spares readily available in Australia.

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