1796525 origKey Knife’s innovative products and services are providing planer mills around the world with cost effective solutions that increase production capacity, improve surface finish, and reduce operating costs.

Key Knife manufactures disposable knife planer heads for all types of planers. Each new system is custom designed to fit precisely in your existing machine and perform at your operating parameter requirements.

All Key Knife products are unconditionally guaranteed for reliability and service.


Key Planer HeadKey Planer Head

The innovative design of the Key Planer Head and the use of a smaller disposable knife allows for more knives in a cutting diameter. Planer mills around North America are installing Key Planer Heads to increase production rates and improve board finish.

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Planer Side Head Retrofit SystemPlaner Side Head Retrofit System

Retrofit holders are a direct replacement for L and LV knives. Solution yields benefits of disposable knives (no grinding, double knife life, fast knife changes), but without needing to invest in new heads.

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