6763485 origKey Knife’s innovative knife ring is providing particleboard plants around the world with cost effective solutions that increase production, maximize fiber utilization, improve flake quality, and reduce operating costs.

Key Knife knife rings are available for most ring flaker applications. Each new system is custom designed to fit precisely in your existing machine and perform at your operating parameter requirements.

Ring Slicer

696673The Ring Slicer has revolutionized the production of quality flakes for the manufacturing of particleboard. Key Knife’s advancements in indexible knife technology and knife-ring design maximize fiber utilization, flake quality, and operating efficiencies. The use of high-grade materials and an innovative design makes the Ring Slicer the most reliable, and economical to run, knife-ring available.


Increased Production

The 2 razor-sharp edges of the Ridge Knife last 2-3 times longer than the edge found on today’s conventional flat knives, allowing you to run longer at a higher feed rate, and produce more quality flakes.

Improved Flake Quality

The Ridge Strip Knife's unique ridge feature helps to formulate the flake and provide a smooth path for it to travel, minimizing fines. The adjustable knife-setting feature gives the user the ability to adjust knife extension to meet flake quality requirements.

Increased Operating Efficiency and Safety

  • 2 sided Ridge Strip Knife lasts 2-3 times longer than conventional knives.
  • Small Ridge Strip Knife is safer to handle and easy to install.
  • No knife grinding.

Reduced Power Consumption

The advanced design of the Ring Slicer maximizes chip flow and reduces drag on the knife-ring to minimize power consumption. Due to the Ridge Knife’s resistance to wear the edge stays sharp and efficient longer, decreasing the amount of power needed during operation.


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2482865?Adjustable Knife Settings

Adjustable knife settings for fine micrometer knife adjustments that can be made in the ring assembly.

2878188Inner and Outer Ring

CNC machined from mild steel. Both the inside and outside ring support the base assemblies into a concentric circle of knives, and provides the rotation. The outside ring has adjustable locating blocks for quick and easy knife-ring changes.


CNC machined from structural steel for exceptional wear resistance and durability. A special surface coating is applied to protect from corrosion. It firmly clamps the Ridge Knife against the wear shoe for precise edge placement, and to minimize packing. The unique spring clamping design allows for quick and simple knife changes.

4600243Ridge Knife

Manufactured from modified tool steel and heat treated for superior knife life. The knife is indexible, eliminating the need for grinding. An innovative ridge design improves the formulation of quality flakes, and protects the clamp from wear. The size of the Ridge Knife makes it safer to handle and easier to dispose of.

3 Bolt Clamping

Features 3 bolt spring clamping for quick and easy knife releasing and clamping. The innovative design allows for knife changes to be made in the ring assembly.

Ring Assembly

45, 50, 60, and 75 knife configurations- The design of the Ring Slicer allows for more knives in a ring compared to conventional knife-rings. By increasing the number of knives in a ring mills benefit from increased production capabilities.

8076922Wear Shoe

CNC machined from modified tool steel. It is heat treated and tempered for strength and wear resistance. The heavy-duty design and increased thread depth provides greater clamping and knife stability to eliminate packing of material.


CNC machined from structural steel for exceptional wear resistance and strength. The base holds the clamp, wears hoe, and both the inner and outer rings in place. The innovative design allows for quick and easy replacement of entire base assemblies, and access to fasteners when attached to the ring assembly.

84716204 Bolt Attachment

4 bolt ring attachment allows for quick and easy base assembly removal.

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