9828300 origKey Knife's compact Pro-Honer II enables mills to rehone their Key Knives on site, making Key Knife System even more economical to operate.

The Pro-Honer II's simple and compact design makes rehoning knives a quick and easy process.

Pro-Honer ll

4967333Key Knife developed the new Pro-Honer II to perform as well as the original Pro-Honer, but with fewer parts and a lower price. The compact and simple design ensures ease of use and portability.


Reduces Knife Costs

The Pro-Honer II gives you the ability to reuse your Key Knives, significantly reducing knife costs. By re-honing your knives just 1 time you will cut your knife costs in half! This one benefit alone could save you tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Simple to Operate

Key Knife designed the Pro-Honer II so that anyone could operate it. Its simplicity is one of its greatest attributes. A new operator can be trained in a matter of minutes. More importantly, the Pro-Honer’s ease of use ensures operator error is minimized, so that a properly re-honed edge is consistently achieved.

Compact and Lightweight

The Pro-Honer II’s compact tabletop design and use of lightweight materials make it the smallest and lightest re-honer available. It only takes up a few square feet, and can be easily moved by one person to another location if necessary.


The use of quality components and a rugged design ensure the Pro-Honer is tough enough to operate under the harshest conditions. The Pro-Honer II has proven to easily handle all of the challenges a wood room can throw at it. You can expect years of trouble free operation from your Key Knife Pro-Honer.




Heavy Duty TEFC, 1/2 HP 115V-60HZ Motor. A 220V-50HZ motor is also available.

Adjusting Knob

Moves knife rail in relation to grinding wheel. Simple design enables users with little to no knife grinding or rehoning experience to effectively re-sharpen Key Knives.

Grinding Wheel

The Pro-Honer II utilizes a Cubic Boron Nitride grinding wheel due to its proven performance and longevity.

Compact Design

The compact Pro-Honer II takes up very little space, and can be moved by one person.


  • 15.5" length
  • 12" width
  • 9.5" height
  • Weight - 36 lbs.


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