4012219 origHY2 is the top selling drum style chipping head on the market. A robust design coupled with innovative features, such as the Ridge XL knife system and SPIRAL configuration, has made HY2 the ideal solution for mills looking to improve product value and increase production rates. HY2 chipping heads are running flawlessly in applications operating in excess of 900 feet per minute!

High Yield 2

9258093HY2 is the toughest, most advanced indexible knife chipping system available. Key Knife’s next generation drum style chipping system, the HY2 (High Yield 2), is the solution for progressive sawmills that are looking to improve surface finish, chip quality, and operating efficiencies. It is designed and built to perform in the most challenging operating environments around the world.


Improved Recovery and Surface Finish

  • Consistent tight tolerance cut minimizes scalloping, fiber pull, and knot tear out. The HY2’s ability to make a precise and repeatable cut is especially beneficial during the spline making process.
  • The HY2’s innovative clamping design ensures the knife edge stays firmly in place for a clean and precise cut.

Increased Production

  • High knife count-up to 6 knives in a 16” cut diameter.
  • HY2 “Spiral” heads are running flawlessly in lines operating at over 900 FPM.
  • Long lasting Ridge XL knife can reduce frequency of knife changes, and increase valuable production time.

Improved Chip Quality

  • A special ridge located on the bottom of the Ridge Knife XL starts the formation of a uniform chip and provides it a smooth transition to the counterknife.
  • HY2’s large and smooth gullet minimizes the break up of quality chips into pins and fines.


  • Quick and easy knife changes.
  • Long lasting Ridge XL knife can be resharpened for additional savings.
  • No knife grinding (conventional/dometop)


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821997Expanded Gullet

The larger and smoother expanded gullet enhances chip flow and improves chip quality.

6022168Full Contact Clamping

Provides constant pressure across the length of the knife, eliminating knife flutter and packing.

9883323Knife Stops

Securely holds both knife ends in place to eliminate knife twist for precise edge placement.

4495970Extended Counter Knife

Manufactured from chipper steel to prevent gullet wear, prolong segment life, and maintain chip quality.

8662915High Capacity Counterknife Radius

Reduces the force on the chip as it exits the cut, minimizing the break up of quality chips.

60546085 Point Knife Clamping

Significantly improves knife stability, for a precise and repeatable cutting path.

6596694Ridge Technology

Provides a smooth chip transition from knife tip to counterknife, greatly improving chip quality.


The clamp provides full contact clamping over the entire length of the knife, eliminating packing and knife flutter. A high, medium, and low profile clamp is available for various relief and log control needs.

8402568Ridge Knife XL

Made from modified A8 tool steel. Hardened in a nitro- gen atmosphere for a consistent microstructure, and precision ground for razor sharp edges. The knife is indexible, eliminating the need for grinding and babbitting. The innovative ridge design eliminates undesirable packing and protects the counterknife from wear.?


CNC machined from modified A8 tool steel, and nickel plated to protect against corrosion. An increased counterknife depth provides an extended wear surface. The high capacity radius improves chip flow and relieves pressure off the chip, greatly improving chip quality.?


CNC machined from A514 structural steel for strength and durability. The smoother and larger expanded gullets improve chip flow. Knife stops are machined into each segment to lock in both ends of the Ridge Knife XL to eliminate knife twist for precise edge placement.

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