8762843 origKey Knife’s disc chipper knife systems are providing pulp mills, chip mills, sawmills, and in-woods chipping operations around the world with cost effective solutions that improve chip quality, increase production capabilities, and reduce operating costs.

Key Knife manufactures indexible knife chipping systems for all types types of disc chippers. Each new system is custom designed to fit precisely in your existing machine and perform at your operating parameter requirements.

All Key Knife products are unconditionally guaranteed for reliability and service.



The innovative Key Pivot System coupled with the long lasting Uni-Ridge knife yields increased production by reducing the frequency of knife changes, and the time it takes to change knives.

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BCS II is a proven workhorse that delivers excellent performance at a low operating cost. Its simple trouble-free design and use of the Uni-Ridge knife has made it the preferred solution for sawmills, in-woods chipping operations, and pulp mills around the world.

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BCS III is the ideal solution for high production whole log chipping operations. Wood yards around the world, operating in some of the most challenging environments, are experiencing unmatched gains in production and chip quality.

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Key Knife applied their knowledge and expertise in indexible solutions to anvils. The result in an innovative product that significantly reduces operating costs and maintenance. Pair the anvil with a Key Knife disc chipper knife system to maximize performance and cost savings.

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