• Gerling Automation Specialists in the development, manufacture and worldwide distribution of equipment for tool production as well as assembly plants and special machines.
  • KeyKnife Manufacturers of custom chipping, flaking, and planing solutions for the global wood products industry. Our innovative indexible knife systems and service programs help mills to improve recovery, product quality, production, and operating costs.
  • Precision Machinery Precision is your start to finish manufacturing solution.
  • MUMTEC Precision machines for the production or repair of steel cores and circular saw blades, diamond cutting discs, segmental circular saws, hot and friction circular saws, circular knives and frame saw blades.
  • HDS Group HDS develop, design, manufacture and
    sell machine tools for the sawmill industry.
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  • Keymatic

20 Years of Industry Experience

Since 1996, Keymatic have been providing Value Generating Equipment and Education to Infield and Stationary Chipping Installations, Saw Shops and Saw Mills throughout the South Pacific Region. Drawing on unmatched industry experience, the consistent Keymatic approach has been to add value to our clients businesses by looking to provide Quality Technological Solutions with knowledgeable support and a spare parts inventory to suit that Solution.

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