TIGRALLOY, an alloy which mainly consists of cobalt, chromium and tungsten, takes a special position within the cutting materials being neither tungsten carbide nor HSS. Even though its hardness is rather low, TIGRALLOY can achieve multiple lifetimes of tungsten carbide in many applications because its wear pattern is completely different. In addition, TIGRALLOY is extremely corrosion resistant, tough and heat resistant up to around 800°C / 1500°F. The high bending strength and material composition allow steep angles and very sharp cutting edges which reduces cutting pressure and can achieve excellent surface qualities. TIGRALLOY is made by powder metallurgy and thus, compared to similar, cast materials 100% void-free.

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Powder metallurgy
Powder metallurgy
Cast product (competitor)
100 x TL48 TL60 Cast product


2 grades are offered:

  1. TL48 (hardness 48 HRC),
    especially as saw tips for processing green lumber. Here, the high toughness is used to make TL48 the ideal cutting material for circular, band- and gangsaws for the saw mill industry. Available in shapes of triangles, rectangles and typical saw tip shapes.
  2. TL60 (hardness 60 HRC)
    for indexable inserts, blanks for profiling, planer knives, back corrugated knives and STBs for brazed tools: perfect surface qualities and excellent lifetime in the described types of wood (without gluelines), compare to Fig. 2. In addition, weight of the blades is reduced by around 40%.

TIGRALLOY provides decisive advantages in most solid woods:

  • Tool life: in many types of wood tool life is increased substantially compared to tungsten carbide, especially in hardwoods.
  • Excellent surface quality: The high bending strength and the composition of the material allow very sharp cutting edges, which reduce the cutting pressure.
  • Increased productivity as TIGRALLOY makes possible to run in greater feed rates and revolution speeds.
  • Secure processing: TIGRALLOY is required to 100% free of macropores, thus no multiple production due to porosity.


TL48 - for circular saw blades and band saws

recommended:not recommended:
nearly all kinds of raw woods, frozen wood recycling of wood with impurities (e.g. pellets) board materials, glued-up wood extremely abrasive or resinified woods


TL60 - for planers, indexable inserts and brazed profiling tools

recommended:not recommended:
Abachi Incense cedar Pine
Afromosia Larch Plane
Afzelia (min. 12% humidity) Limba Poplar
Alder Mahogany (American red) Ramin
Ash Makoré Redwood
Avodiré Maple (European) Sapele
Beech (min. 12% humidity) Mengkulang Sipo
Birch (European) Meranti Sugar pine
Cedar (Western Red) Oak (American Red) Tasmanian Oak
Cedar Oak (European) Tola branca
Cherry Oak (Japanese) Walnut
Chestnut (cultivated) Okan Willow
Elm Okoumé  
Fir Oregon pine  
Framiré Parana pine  
Hemlock Pear  
board materials, glued-up wood, extremely abrasive or resinified woods
Afzelia (dry) Mukulungu
Azobé Muninga
Balau Oak American white
Beech (dry) Ogea
Boxwood Padouk
Bubinga Panga Panga
Hickory Purpleheart
Hornbeam Red kabbes
Keruing Rosewood Rio
Lignum vitae Saligna gum
Maple American Tali
Merbau Teak
Movingui Wengé

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