Quality across all components


Distance RingsDistance Rings

It’s only as good as the sum of all partsHigh-precision, very elaborately produced circular saw blades are optimal combined with distance rings of the same level quality. Only combining perfectly co...

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System ComponentsSystem Components

Quality across all componentsThose who prefer premium products doesn’t need to pass on the decades of experience HDS-Group has to offer with regard to complementary system components. Experience whi...

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SPINCUT Milling Shaft Butt End ReducerSPINCUT Milling Shaft Butt End Reducer

Reduce with tried and tested SPINCUT stabilityLeading machine manufacturers already trust in our tried and tested SPINCUT milling shaft butt end reducer for their original equipment. Of course we desi...

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CANTERCUT Chipper CantersCANTERCUT Chipper Canters

First class chipping with CANTERCUTOur CANTERCUT chipper canters feature up to 8 stages depending on the width to be chipped, with the number of knives per stage varying by feed rate, speed and the de...

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PROFILCUT Profiler CutterPROFILCUT Profiler Cutter

High-quality wood chips with an almost tear-free wood surfaceHDS designs and manufactures profiler cutters for machines by leading manufacturers such as Linck, EWD, Veisto HewSaw and Prechtl. We suppl...

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