Our road to perfect sawmill tools


Basic Circular Saw BladesBasic Circular Saw Blades

Our BASIC already defines the HDS quality standardBASIC is the result of decades of experience which continuously impacted the development process of the technologies used. So you now have a highly op...

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Stabilo Circular Saw BladesStabilo Circular Saw Blades

STABILO . Graduated to the advanced technology saw classDeveloping the Graduated Saw Blade Technology AST first allowed sawmills to optimise their productivity long term. Now, high-capacity reducing a...

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Trimcut Circular Saw BladesTrimcut Circular Saw Blades

Trimmed for cutting precision and stabilityTRIMCUT is a very robust circular saw blade designed specifically for trimming. TRIMCUT delivers outstanding cutting precision with particularly high stabili...

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Crosscut KreissaegeblaetterCrosscut Kreissaegeblaetter

Designed for rough log yard applicationsCROSSCUT is designed for log yard chopping using interchangeable tungsten carbide tipped inserts. The standard hollow-ground tungsten carbide tooth has a cuttin...

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