• HDS Group HDS develop, design, manufacture and
    sell machine tools for the sawmill industry.


Their history alone shows that HDS-Group specialised in the tool requirements of sawmills more and more.

They pushed this trend in recent years, as they believe continuing to develop, design and manufacture particularly powerful sawmill tools requires the respective high level of specialisation and expertise.

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Key Product Categories

Circular Saw Blades

Our road to perfect sawmill tools A circular saw blade – or broadly speaking – a sawmill tool can only convince with optimal performance and high stability if the sawmill tool is designed as close... Read More

Segments And Sizing Rings

A sharp matter for precise results The same quality parameters as for our tried and tested circular saw blades also apply to segments and sizing rings. Only high-quality tool steels are used, ensuring... Read More

Sawmill Knives

More than just making the cut HDS-Sawmill knives are excellent for all cutting systems in the sawmill industry. Our sawmill knives are manufactured using high-quality speciality tool steels. Carefully... Read More

Components / Assemblies

Quality across all components Even our additional components, also put together to assemblies, just as all other HDS products, are designed and manufactured according to our “SoWA Sawmill Optimised ... Read More

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